Thursday, 26 April 2012

Purrfect gift

Hi everyone :) Can I just say - I'm totally fed up with the weather, few more days like this and I will start using my garden as a swimming pool :P it is very possible when you think that they forecast heavy rains for next month - great :P

Today I wanted to show my latest cross stitch project. I absolutely love this range. It's Kats by Kelly, Callico Crossroads - Check Up. My cats act in exactly the same when it come to go to lovely Mr Vet :P

Happy Rainy Friday (I'll get wet on my bike again - kind of getting use to it )


  1. Esta hermoso tu bordado, i love cross stitch

  2. What is the title of this one? I thought I had every Kats by Kelly cross stitch charts, but I don't remember this one.


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