Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Getting ready for the baby

Quickly just want to show you doily I've tottaly messed up with. Should be crocheted with 6 panels, I only did 4. Next year I'm going to use it as a basket :P

It's less than 6 weeks till our baby is due (thanks godness for that). Obviously I'm in a desperation to make some decorations for the baby room. I found lovely series of 4 Baby Born to Shop animals. I stich all at the same time at the moment as I have to wait for Anchor skeins delivery, so I use skeins I've got (not much I'm more DMC stitcher).

Also found some great ideas for cute hanging decorations. First one is this rainy cloud. It just has to wait until I'll feel like using sewing machine :P

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